Waynesville is an unmatched town that includes a downtown lined with unique shops, art galleries and working studios. Waynesville is at the heart of an arts culture that's thriving in Haywood County, unequalled in fine arts and fine furniture. 

A walk along Main Street encompasses it all, from traditional to contemporary. Gourmet coffee shops, hand crafted furniture, and many galleries with artists in attendance.  The brick sidewalks are adorned with flowers and benches, leading you to delightful restaurants and specialty shops.  Most of the buildings date back to the early 1900s, offering a rare opportunity to imagine what it was like when the town was young.  Many still have original floors that now pop and creak from the many years of traffic. One of Waynesville's treasures is Mast General Store, a traditional mercantile shop housed in a 1930s clothing store.

Waynesville hosts many festivals and events during the summer months, including the Waynesville Street Dances (Square Dancing), or the Round Dance as it was called back in the day.  Folkmoot, a two week international folk festival, always starts with a parade down Main Street and the countries invited give everyone a glimpse of what is to come with a festive dance in front of the Historic Courthouse.  There are many other festivals and events throughout the year that keep Waynesville full of life and laughter. 

Waynesville is also home to the award winning Haywood Arts Repertory Theatre.   The theatre showcases the talents of regional actors, musicians, and artists performing classic Broadway and off-Broadway productions.